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Japanese Stocks

Japan Stocks, although some people are well regarded, there are still those who have certain doubts. One of the reasons may be because this market tends to be bearish. And that is why both investors and traders have often forgotten this financial center.

However, Japanese stocks can provide many advantages. This is because the International Monetary Fund considers that Japan is in the third place of the powers of the world economy. So, people who decide to enter this financial center could have many opportunities.

Before investing in Japan or another country, it is important that you perform technical analysis to determine which stocks are most suitable for you.

Japan Stock Market Indices

Nikkei 225

It is the stock index that has the most popularity in the stock market of the Japanese country. It is made up of 225 securities along with other liquids that make up the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


It belongs to the sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, although in the beginning, it functioned as an independent stock exchange.

JPX-Nikkei 400

The JPX-Nikkei 400 has been specially built for Japanese investors to rotate their assets from fixed income to equities.

Nikkei 1000

In this stock index, the management of the prices of more than 1000 titles belonging to Japanese companies is carried out.

Nikkei 300

This stock index represents the Japanese country and it contains 300 of the most important companies in this market.

Nikkei 500

It belongs to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is responsible for measuring the performance of 225 of the Japanese companies that belong to different sectors.


Together with the Nikkei 225 stock index, they form a critical index on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where companies belonging to the first section are tracked.

What should you do to invest in Japanese stocks?

Japan’s stock in World War II had a period of decline, as did other prices. The cause of this was the great depression that began in the United States and caused inconveniences in the European countries and this Asian country.

However, Japan was one of the main countries that managed to recover from this economic crisis. For that reason, currently, Japanese stocks can be very beneficial as long as you know how to invest.

In this investment, portfolios are listed investment funds, and they make life in the financial moreover;, these funds are passively managed, so they replicate in an index without index funds. Likewise, sustainable stocks in Japan could also be a good option if you want to invest and take care of your capital.

If you are interested in investing in the Japanese market, you can also do so in these traditional index mutual funds. However, these traditional funds have a focus on short-term investments.

But also, it can trade through nikkei 225 as it is the most important stock index on the Japan stock exchange. In this index, there are 225 important companies in the country, although it is lower than other years.

Is it a good idea to invest in Japanese stocks?

Two traditional methods will be available for you to invest in stocks on the Chinese stock market. First, there are direct investments in Japan with the purchase of company shares. And secondly, there are indirect investments in Japan through equity mutual funds.

However, because there has been a bear market in recent decades, investors have their doubts. Because they wonder if investing in Japanese stocks in the long term is a good idea or not.

For many investment experts, there is still no certainty that Japan’s economic plans are sustainable. However, the evolution so far is positive, and like Chinese stocks, these could also be an excellent option.

Reasons to invest in Japan stocks

Currently, the characteristics of the Japanese stock market make experts think that investing in Japanese stocks may be a good decision for the following reasons:

  •  They have a potential for appreciation.
  •  They have geographic diversification in their investment portfolio.
  •  This country has good economic stability.
  •  The boards of directors have restructured boards of directors, and dividend distribution rates have increased.

International companies with large capitalization have raised their wages to see good economic health and positive for the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Japanese companies have positive evaluations and operate in the best sectors such as automotive and technology.

What are the most interesting Japanese stocks to invest in?

This question is asked by all investors who want to increase their capitalization through these quotes. For this reason, before investing, you should know the most interesting companies to invest in your shares:

  • Kyowa Hakko Kirin.
  • Toyota Motor.
  • Kawasaki Heavy Indu.
  • Sony.
  • Honda.
  • Mitsubishi.
  •  Nintendo.
  • Suzuki Motor Corp.
  • Canyon.

The Japanese investment policy is not as complicated as others
The Tokyo Stock Exchange is exciting because it interacts under a simple investment policy. It provides long-term returns through investments in Japanese stocks.

The Hong Kong stock market is also very attractive, although you should take into account that 100% of the Japanese portfolio is concentrated exclusively in its geographical area.

Then you may have the opportunity to invest in Japanese stocks that belong to major companies engaged in interesting sector examples. One can mention the sector of technology, health, consumer cyclical, industry, and communication services.

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