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Spanish stocks

Spanish stocks have proven to be very attractive to Spaniards and foreigners. However, before investing, it is crucial that you know how this exchange works. You also need to understand how the ibex 35 operates so that you can safely invest in these indices.

This is the leading indicator of the Spanish stock market and the most critical need in Europe. Before investing, you can review the Ibex 35 index because it represents 35 of the most important securities on the Spanish stock market. Likewise, it is an index taken into account in the national economy.

On the Spanish stock exchange, you can find the following indices


This is the main stock index of the Spanish stock market, and it is made up of 35 companies with good liquidity. And they are listed on the four Spanish stock exchanges through the Spanish stock exchange interconnection system.

FTSE Latex

Latex works as a Spanish stock index, and although it is a Latin American stock exchange, it is based in Madrid. Latex is made up of three different indices, and they are developed together through FTSE.

I.G. Madrid Stock Exchange

This index represents the companies listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange and is made up of approximately 30 companies. Likewise, all of them belong to the Spanish market, and their market capitalization is adjusted to their free float.

IBEX Medium Cap

This stock index is made up of Spanish markets and stock exchanges that start trading at mid-capitalization.

Ibex Small Cap

It is made up of the Spanish stock exchanges and markets that make up the companies that are listed with a low capitalization. And it works through the Spanish stock exchange interconnection system.


It allows more precise visualization of the volatility of the Spanish market since, through it, it is possible to decipher which are the best investment strategies.

Can you invest in indices or stocks?

Spanish stocks at record highs show that this can be a good choice. However, investing in indices or stocks will depend on several factors. For example, if you are a new investor, financial experts recommend that you start by speculating or investing in indices. And as you learn how Spanish stocks work, dividends can begin to imagine in the market.

Now, if you are an experienced speculator in Spanish stocks to invest in, you can make better decisions. Moreover, you can even have a better performance when investing in Spanish class b shares or those of your choice.

Of course, it is crucial to analyze the actions and the indicators that will determine the subsequent movements. In this way, you will be able to decide on which stocks will be rising or falling.

Likewise, before investing in Spanish Santander shares or any other, you should know what type of investor you are. In this way, you will be able to understand what your behavior should be when you quote. And you will also have an idea of ​​the risk you take when investing and the advantages that could be depending on the trade you carry out.

What are the advantages of listing on the Spanish stock market?

The Spanish shares with the highest dividend can bring many benefits at the time of listing. Once you know the movements of the Spanish stock market, you will have more opportunities to buy cheap Spanish stocks. And so, you will enjoy the benefits when listing on this exchange.

One of the advantages of Spanish shares with dividends is that they will be doing so in a transparent market when they are listed. The Spanish stock market has much prestige, and you will find shares of companies that have good solvency.

Investors in Repsol shares or others that make life in this exchange recognize the prestige of the Spanish stock market. And this strengthens their relationship with banks, customers, and suppliers.

Why should you trust the Spanish stock market and its shares?

Although Spain was severely affected by the economic crisis, it still has more profitable Spanish stocks. But, of course, the Spanish stock market declined during the situation, and little by little, it has stabilized.

This manages to benefit traders because they can determine which shares of the Spanish stock market they should bet on. For this reason, although the US stock market is also very striking, the Spanish stock market continues to be relevant in the world.

By comparing American stock prices, you can determine what will be your best option for trading. However, due to the good economic recovery in Spain, its companies attract more investors every day, and you could be one of them if the stock market catches your eye.

If you want to trade in the medium or long term, you will have several actions available to make a good choice and invest.

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