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UK Stocks

Currently, today US stocks have been somewhat displaced by UK stocks. This is because by investing in them, you can enjoy many benefits that other supplies may not provide.

Actually, at the moment, there are many reasons why you are encouraged to trust the London Stock Exchange information because it gives you all the details you need to know. First of all, these shares belong to one of the most important stock exchanges in the world. So it stays together with that of New York.

The reality is that many companies are listed in the United Kingdom, among which some of them stand out with great advantage in their sector. The London Stock Exchange today is very well regarded, and through the stock indices, you can determine what the best deals you can make are.

Like French stocks, UK stocks are also highly regarded in the investment world, and that’s a good sign.

On the UK Stock Exchange, you can find the following indices:

FTSE 100

This is the highest benchmark index on the London Stock Exchange and is made up of the 100 companies with the largest market capitalization across the UK.

FTSE 250

It is a measured capitalization index and comprises 250 British companies belonging to the London Stock Exchange.

FTSE 350

Here are the companies that by capitalization are listed mainly on the London stock exchange. Also, it is made up of the FTSE 100 and the FTSE 250


As its name indicates, this index incorporates 100 companies, and they are the ones with the largest capitalization.

UK 100

This works as an indicator of financial performance and is made up of the 100 companies that currently have an excellent level of capitalization.

Are UK Stock Market Indices Reliable?

Really yes, you can do a technical analysis of both the FTSE 100 index and the others. So you can safely trust all the stock indices on this stock market since it allows you to speculate and obtain information from the most important companies on the London Stock Exchange.

The FTSE 100 index is the most important on the UK stock market because you will see the best companies. That is why if you want to invest in the best companies on the market, you should only be guided by this index.

How can you buy stocks in the UK?

The London Stock Exchange-listed companies are generally large and the most prominent in the sector they belong to. That is why buying UK stocks will not bring regret. On the contrary, you can enjoy benefits that you may not get with other actions.

To buy shares on the London Stock Exchange official website, you will need a broker that allows you access. The good news is that most brokers will enable you to buy shares in FTSE 100 without any hassle.

However, it will be easier to buy if you invest in stocks with high caps. When you purchase smaller-cap supplies, the process can be a bit more complicated. to buy small cup UK stocks, it is preferable to choose the smaller stock indices.

After knowing the stock prices, if you plan to buy with a currency other than yours, the following will happen. First, your broker will charge a fee for changing the money you have in your broker account to pounds. But there are still more expenses that you will have to face depending on the case.

When buying UK shares, the London Stock Exchange will make an additional surcharge which is known as the Queen’s Tax. In this tax, the purchases of the shares in the United Kingdom are recorded with a percentage of 0.5% of the purchase value. And in case the claims are Irish, the tax could reach 1%.

What are the advantages of buying stocks in the UK?

You can buy the best UK stocks through the best UK stock index. That is why, before making a purchase/sale, you must determine what your best decision will be.

Once you make the right choice, you can enjoy many benefits

  • You can take advantage of the most important index in the UK, which in this case is the FTSE 100.
  • You can speculate in the short term if you use CFDs.
  • When the stock market goes up, you will have profits, and if the stock goes down, you can also win.
  • When you use CFDs, you can leverage and increase the ability to buy and sell.

British dividends are taxed as follows UK share tax has a 0% withholding tax on dividends. This will happen when you are listed on the UK market while you will receive 90% of the gross amount. However, in this area, they practice a tax credit of 10%, and it will be regulated when filing the income statement as a resident.

However, the companies that make up this country are incredible, and investing in their stocks can be an excellent decision.

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