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Unicaja Stocks

You can locate the value of Unicaja stocks in the BME index of the Madrid Stock Exchange. You can then follow the development of the action.

Unicaja Bank is a financial institution with proven financial strength and a business history of around 100 years. It is practically oriented to the retail and proximity banking business. It has a client portfolio of around 3 million people.

It is a financial institution of reference in the cities of Andalusia, León and Castilla; which are its regions of origin and where it has 80% of its 950 branches.

It is characterized by its solvency, quality of its balance sheets and its liquidity, generating a prudent management of its commercial and business strategy. It is among the 10 most important banking groups in Spain by volume of assets. Unicaja Banco stocks are listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange on the Continuous Market.

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A little History About Unicaja’s Stocks

The Unicaja stocks originate from an initial merger that took place in 1991 of the so-called savings banks. This merger took place in the spring of that year, beginning the expansion process with which the company became the market leader in Andalusia for retail and investment banking.

It was a strategic merger since the outlook did not look very good if they continued to work separately, although these savings banks were very well consolidated. The arrival of the single European market in the last decade of the 20th century was a notable milestone for all banking entities, especially with the introduction of the euro.

Once the merger was consolidated, Unicaja increased its business volume as well as its market presence. Subsequently, with the banking reconversion process as a result of the financial crisis of 2007, the company focuses on transferring its entire business to the new model that Unicaja Banco represents today.

Evolution of Unicaja Stocks

In the process of validating Unicaja Stocks price to buy Unicaja stocks, it is normal for people to look at the historical performance of Unicaja target price stocks and in Unicaja stocks recommendations issued by experts. Unicaja has been listed on the continuous market of the Madrid stock exchange since 2017, without pointing to the Ibex 35 for now.

This company during its stock market history has had 3 great impulses. The first runs from spring 2017 to spring 2018. During that period, single stocks reached the highest historical value, standing at 1.56 euros.

Unfortunately, the next impulse is downward, starting in the spring of 2018 until September 2019. Although in that range it had periods of relative recovery, the unicaja bank stocks price of its shares touched its minimum historical value. The stocks had a value of 0.66 euros.

The third impulse is bullish, this period runs from the summer of 2019 to the first months of 2020. In general, 2019 was a good year for the company, compared to the previous year. However, the declaration of a pandemic by Covid-19 halted the process of frank growth that stocks were experiencing with only dividends from stocks.

The first hit in the value of the stocks is received in February 2020, but it reached the minimum value in the month of May when the unicaja pcbolsa shares fell to 0.41 euros. Since that date, the bank has generated strategies that have allowed a recovery process that is going through a variety of phases and that has led to the single shares having the value they have today.

Merger between Unicaja and Liberbank

By March 2021, Unicaja and Liberbank held their respective shareholders’ meetings to approve the merger of unicaja liberbank stocks. This merger has 99.99% support from the Andalusian entity and 99.80% from the Asturian entity. This is the starting point for the new Unicaja to become the fifth most important bank in Spain.

The objective of this important decision is for the entity to pay a dividend of 50% of the profit, of course, as long as the European Central Bank lifts the limitation that it establishes that only 15% of the benefit from the pandemic can be paid.

Unicaja will pay dividends independently in two tranches. The first tranche will be from the results obtained in 2020 and the other tranche will pay once the merger is consolidated. The second tranche will benefit Liberbank stockholders who receive Unicaja stocks as an exchange as a result of the merger between the two financial entities. As long as they remain as shareholders at the time of payment.

Unicaja Shares Vs Other Stocks

The single stocks currently have a value of around 0.86 euros per stocks. If you want to make a comparison with other companies that are listed on the stock market, you have:

Santander stocks have a value today of 3.36 euros with an upward trend and bbva stocks have a value of 5.43 euros with the same trend.

These two major banks are valued well above the value of single stocks. However, there is a notable difference between the Santander price and that of BBVA. And the fact is that the weighting of Santander in the Ibex 35 amounts to almost 18% while that of BBVA has been reduced by 9.6%. Unicaja is not listed on the Ibex 35.

Telephone stocks have a value of 3.93 euros on a stable day. It is 3.07 points above Unicaja stocks. Mapfre stocks have a value today of 1.78 euros with an upward trend. These stocks are 0.92 points above the value of the Unicaja stocks.

Sabadell stocks have a value of 0.60 euros but with an upward trend. This stocks is 0.26 points below the Unicaja stocks. Repsol stocks have a value of 11.06 euros. This stocks is well above the value of Unicaja’s. And the iag euro stocks have a value of 2.19 euros with a downward trend. These stocks are 1.33 points above the Unicaja stocks.