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NS Broker

NS Broker – An online broker with regulations and free training

Forex Trading is responsible, serious, and profitable. But where there is profit, there is always a risk. And it’s not just the possibility of incurring losses but also trading through an unreliable or unprofitable broker.

Your broker must be honest and open, citing international and national regulations and offering a comfortable and profitable experience to every trader. Success in Forex trading is largely determined by the company you cooperate with and whether or not there are conditions for training and development.

Forex broker NSBroker, which can rightfully be called a worthy, reliable, and profitable intermediary, with which you can work safely and with the prospect of further development, is in the spotlight.

eToro UK
Minimum deposit 200 USD
Regulated in Europe
Trade selections Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, ETFs, Indices
  • Zero Commissions on Trades

  • CopyPortfolios/Copytrade Feature

  • Ask Experts Questions

  • Wide Range of Stocks

Key Information About NS Broker

The Forex broker NSBroker offers its intermediary services to all traders wishing to work in the Forex market. The company was established by professional investors who have a clear vision of their mission and strive to achieve their goals effectively.

learn to invest at NSBroker

The Broker Stands out from its Competitors.

  • User-friendly and informative website
  • Full international regulation
  • Stable work on the trading services market for more than ten years
  • Dynamic development and improvement of the service
  • Guarantee safety and security of each client’s investment
  • Full ECN

All clients are provided with quality services and access to liquidity to use the available technical and financial resources with maximum efficiency. Experienced traders are offered a wide range of options to discover new opportunities and earn more. NS Broker is ideal for novice traders, as they can take advantage of its training facilities and demo account to gain minimal trading experience and skills.

Constant development and improvement of its service, the introduction of new technologies and solutions, expansion of the range of services, and staff development allow us to adapt to the modern market and offer our clients the best conditions for profitable trading.

The company works closely with global banks, funds, and international liquidity providers, thereby providing each trader with favorable trading conditions and a wide range of functionalities with efficient technical solutions.

NS Broker Business Strategy Covers the following Main Principles

  • The use of an innovative trading platform;
  • The broadest range of trading instruments;
  • Honorable conditions for clients by international standards.

The company strives to become a leader and offer the best service for forex trading while working as transparently and openly as possible, allowing traders to unlock their potential.

NS Broker Regulations

The regulation of intermediary companies is a guarantee of their openness and honesty to each client.NSBroker is fully internationally regulated and is duly licensed to provide its services to traders:

  • MFSA
  • MiFID Compliant
  • BaFin
  • AMF

The broker focuses on the global market, with a website interface that allows you to choose a language that is easy to use (8 languages are available to choose from) and communicate with technical support representatives without the discomfort of a morphological barrier.

The implementation of a unique security system ensures that all personal data and customer deposits are reliably protected. As a result, you can be sure that your investment is safe.

NSBroker Training Database

Forex trading with NSBroker is a unique opportunity for everyone to start a new life and realize themselves in the financial trading sector, to become independent and earn independently, without submitting to bosses and office standards.

Even if you don’t know anything about currency trading – it’s not a problem because the broker offers to take advantage of valuable materials from its training base. This is an excellent opportunity for all newbies to learn from scratch and gain experience and practical skills to develop and improve their performance.

At NSBroker, you have access to the ‘Training’ section, which includes:

  • Glossary – a glossary with key terminology, without which it is impossible to understand and trade Forex;
  • Video tutorials – the most helpful section of the training because it allows you to experience the trades clearly and practice similar techniques to get the hang of the terminal and understand the general principles of market trading.
  • Webinars – here, you can watch and study guides, case studies, and trading insights to expand your knowledge on the subject and learn from professionals how to trade and succeed.
  • eBooks – specialized literature on different trading styles and strategies, tips and secrets of success from famous millionaires and global investors.
  • Helpful tutorials – here, you will find instructions on how to upload documents for account verification, start trading, basic Forex concepts, succeed in trading, etc.

MT5 Trading Terminal and Signal Trading

The modern and multifunctional MetaTrader 5 terminal is available for your trading activity.
The broker offers three versions to choose from, and you can trade the way you like:

  • Via PC – fixed MT5 program for your personal computer;
  • Via browser – trade online from any PC connected to the Internet;
  • Via Smartphone – trade whenever you want, without being tied to your home or office.

The terminal runs continuously; any time of the day or night, you can log in and trade.

One of the main advantages of MT5 is the ability to use trading signals and to copy trades of experienced traders and professionals in automatic mode.

The Benefits of Trading by Signal

  • Fast copying of trades
  • Instant exchange of information and efficient execution of trades
  • Safety in data transmission
  • Opportunity to make a profit, not having sufficient skills and own knowledge of trading.

You get access to the signals directly in MT5 and can use them for making transactions in a separate block.

You will receive trading statistics for each signal and analyze the situation to make trading decisions. According to the graphs of growth, funds, and balance, you will evaluate the success and effectiveness of the signals.


NS Broker is worthy of being called a reliable and honest broker and a comfortable intermediary for experienced and novice traders. You can work on attractive and competitive terms, learn and improve your trading skills without fearing for your money.

The company follows the principles of openness, and licensing from European regulators confirms the status of a reliable intermediary.

Trading is a good investment activity. However, success depends not only on the knowledge and skills of the trader but also on the right choice of broker that provides access to the trading environment.

Unfortunately, because of the rapidly growing popularity of the Forex market, unscrupulous fraudsters, profiting from naive beginners, have recently emerged along with reliable and responsible intermediaries.

The only way to avoid becoming a swindler victim is to choose licensed intermediaries with long-term work experience in the market, which provides favorable conditions for cooperation, high-quality software, and decent service. One of such companies is the broker NS Broker. Let us make a detailed review of this intermediary’s activity, focusing on its main advantages.

Wide Experience

NS Broker was registered in 2011. It has been providing intermediary services in the Forex and CFD.

The market for more than ten years. Practice shows that broker fraudsters do not exist for more than 1-2 years.

This time is enough for them to be unraveled, and people stop investing money in them. Many negative references about their fraudulent activity will appear in a year or two and may open be even several criminal cases opened.

When a company has been in business for ten years, it indicates its reliability and high quality. Every year NSBroker’s client base only expands, the number of instruments and services available to traders increases, and new innovative technologies are introduced. Traders trust NSBroker because the broker doesn’t rest on its laurels, develops itself, and helps its clients to develop.


NS Broker has registered in Malta. The reason for recording in an offshore zone is the company’s desire to reduce its tax burden. Still, to convince its clients of its honesty and integrity, NSBroker immediately after registration, fulfilled several serious requirements, and obtained a license from a reputable regulatory body MFSA.

This means that not only does it have the right to engage in brokerage activities, but it also monitors the quality of its services, the safety of client deposits, and the observance of its clients’ rights.

NSBroker’s clients are citizens of different countries, but the broker focuses on the European segment. That is why it is guided in its activities by EU legislation, in particular the  MiFID Directive.

Outside the EEA, NSBroker can operate with the approval of several solid regulators from the  UK (FCA), Germany (BaFin), France (ACP), Spain (CNMV), Denmark (FINANSTILSYNET), and Italy (Consob).

A broker spends time, effort, and money to obtain a license, so he will not risk engaging in petty fraud or extortion of his clients. When opening an account with a licensed broker, in the event of a dispute, the client will be able to seek an independent assessment of what happened from the regulator. If the broker is proven to be at fault and does not rectify the breach voluntarily, a fine will be imposed, damaging the company’s reputation. Licensed brokers try to settle all disputes with clients amicably, which is undoubtedly a positive aspect of working with them.

Further confirmation of the fact that working with NSBroker is safe is the fact that the broker

cooperates with the most reliable banking institutions like BOV, Bank of Cyprus and is regularly audited by the world-renowned PwC.

Attractive Trading Conditions

NS Broker provides all its clients with a convenient and feature-rich MT5 terminal to access the trading environment. It can be installed on a computer, tablet, Smartphone, or use the web version.

Trading Conditions at the Initial Stage are the Same for All Traders

  • Starting deposit from 250$
  • Spreads from 0,3 pips
  • Leverage up to 1:50
  • More than 100 financial instruments

NS Broker will provide clients with up to 1:100 leverage and access to other valuable and unique services as soon as they reach their investment potential.

Quick Withdrawal of Profits

NSBroker’s clients can use any convenient tools to deposit and withdraw their profits. The following payment services are available:

  • Bank cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Electronic payment systems Neteller, Skrill.

The broker does not charge a fee for funding the account. Money is deposited instantly; only a bank transfer takes up to 2-3 days. The earned profit is withdrawn within a day maximum.

The application for withdrawal of profit through bank transfer is processed for up to 2 days. Withdrawal of profit to a card or transfer is not subject to additional expenses. However, it is necessary to pay a commission of 2,9 % from the transferred sum for transfer to electronic purses.

The feedback from current NSBroker clients confirms that the withdrawal of profits is made within the stipulated timeframe, without any delays or problems.

High-Quality Trading Signals

NS Broker offers active traders and those who do not yet know how or cannot trade independently. In addition, the broker provides quality trading signals for those who want to earn passive income.

To use them, a trader needs to choose the one, which will be attractive to him according to the rating, the commission rate, the trading efficiency, and other indicators. You can use special filters to make the selection easier. As soon as the trader subscribes to the newsletter of the selected Signals Provider, it will automatically copy to the client’s account.

With a signal, you cannot only make money but also learn. The trades are copied in real-time, so the trader can follow the actions of a more experienced colleague and learn from his skills.

Full Support

Many traders who have already worked with different brokers are surprised that after registering with NS Broker are not left alone with the trading terminal but receive comprehensive assistance, both in training and gaining practical skills. To start with, they get a tremendous amount of training materials with much helpful information for both beginners and experienced traders. The training block from NSBroker includes.

  • An Extensive glossary
  • Electronic textbooks
  • Video courses with tests for self-monitoring
  • User manuals
  • Quality webinars

Training does not end with passing theoretical exercise, as every NSBroker client has a free demo

account at his/her disposal. In addition, there are 20 thousand virtual dollars on its balance, which you can use to test your knowledge, get acquainted with the trading terminal, or practice the chosen strategy without the need to risk your own capital.

A personal account manager assigned to a trader right after registration and account opening

provides invaluable assistance to clients. In addition, every analyst working for NSBroker has at least 7-8 years of experience in the Forex market. This means he has profound knowledge of market situation analysis and can teach a trader to trade successfully on foreign exchange market even in non-investment activities.

After theoretical and practical training, NSBroker clients are fully prepared to work independently.

Should traders have any technical difficulties during the trading process, they can always ask for help from technical support.

This Can Do This in Several Ways

  • By making a phone call
  • By writing online chat or e-mail
  • by Ordering a callback
  • By sending a message via the feedback form.

NSBroker’s technical support is available 24/7, with expert advice in the five most widely spoken European languages.

To get full access to all the services provided by NS Broker, all you need to do is to complete a short registration procedure and open an account on its platform.

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