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Stock Exchange on eToro

As online financial operations grow exponentially, so do trading platforms. This is how eToro positioned itself as one of the most sought-after brokers.

Investments in financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, among others, are no longer a few things and are now on everyone’s lips. All of the aforementioned thanks, among other things, to the financial platforms that made the different forms of investment available to everyone without the need to have large capital or be an expert in the area.

Today eToro starts as one of the main alternatives for trading. It has an enviable platform and millions of users around the world: it is estimated that it already exceeds 10 million records.

So, in this eToro review, we show everything that it offers in the technological-financial market.

eToro UK
Minimum deposit 200 USD
Regulated in Europe
Trade selections Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, ETFs, Indices
  • Zero Commissions on Trades

  • CopyPortfolios/Copytrade Feature

  • Ask Experts Questions

  • Wide Range of Stocks

A bit of eToro history

eToro on its website claims to have spearheaded a “global financial-technological revolution for more than a decade.” A statement that also agrees with opinions on specialized sites.

In that sense, it is interesting to know how this platform came to position itself as one of the market leaders. To do this, we must go back to 2007, when the broker we know today was finally born.

That same year, the Visual FX investment platform was released, which aims to facilitate the entire investment process and make it more dynamic with charts and other tools, resulting in success.

Then, in 2009, eToro again took a step into the market with its WebTrader platform so that its users could invest from anywhere. It was characterized for being novel and for being useful for experts and new ones.

Between 2010 and 2012, eToro released the world’s first social trading platform and an application for mobile devices. Two movements that ended up consolidating the giant we know today.

Since then, it has constantly been improving its product and expanding the catalog of stocks, currencies, and other financial instruments.

What is eToro?

We have already left important data on its use, but it is worth repeating: eToro is a platform that is committed to social trading or social operations.

Remember that social trading consists of taking advantage of the knowledge of the masses so that their new clients grow.

Which opened the way to his CopyTrader and CopyPortafolio platform, which we will talk about in detail later and are very helpful if you are just starting out.

At the time, it was a pioneer in the market, and it continues to be by focusing on investments from mobile devices, making platforms adapted for greater comfort available to its users.

From the outset, it is an excellent place for professional investors, but also for new investors. Well, that has been another of its purposes: to help those who are just starting out through courses and tools.

eToro is especially aimed at social trading, allowing the platform’s clients to benefit from the collective wisdom of a wide network of investors.

On the other hand, in 2017, he took the first step in social trading on a blockchain. It now offers over 2000 safe investment options.

How to register on eToro?

Part of the success of eToro is due to its ease of use, which also includes its registration process.

To register, you just have to enter their website and go to the eToro login section. While there, you select the option to register.

Doing so will display a small registration form that you must fill out with personal information.

Later, an advisor will help you verify your identity. To do this, you must upload an identity document and proof of address.

eToro recommends using the passport to verify identity because, with it, they can work faster, and therefore, the whole process will be easier. The photograph of the passport or other identity document must be of quality so that all the data can be read.

While the proof of address can be a bank statement, electricity bill, telephone, among others.

eToro also offers the option of quick registration by linking the email or your account on the social network Facebook.

Once the registration process is complete, the good stuff begins. This site offers the possibility to customize its platforms according to the level of knowledge, experience, and interests of the user.

In this way, the new ones will have the tools to learn, and the experienced ones can make a head start without help.

Also, customizing the platform is a great help to have an organized site. Focus on what is important and put aside investment possibilities that are not in your interest.

With this, you can eToro log in from your mobile or computer where

You want and when you want to make your investments.

Is eToro safe?

Many of the users’ questions regarding brokers have to do with their security. In this case, they wonder if eToro does not pay or does, here you will have the answer.

eToro is one of the safest brokers in the world; it’s more than ten years in the market to certify it. The personal data and investments of the users will be secure.

At the time of this review, eToro has four licenses that allow it to operate legally, confirming that it is a secure financial service.

The Cyprus Securities Market Commission regulates the Cyprus Securities Market Commission, UK Financial Conduct Authority, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and Seychelles Financial Services Authority.

In short, you will not have any problem operating in financial instruments in eToro Chile.

eToro UK
Minimum deposit 200 USD
Regulated in Europe
Trade selections Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, ETFs, Indices
  • Zero Commissions on Trades

  • CopyPortfolios/Copytrade Feature

  • Ask Experts Questions

  • Wide Range of Stocks

Investment products on eToro

Whoever is part of the eToro financial service will be able to place short and long-term bets on:

Shares and ETFs: in eToro, you can open or close a stock position without paying margin fees, incidents, management, among others. You can invest in Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and more top-tier companies.
Cryptocurrencies: you can buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, IOTA, among other cryptocurrencies. For this, you will have analysis and graphing tools and the activation of alerts to follow up in real-time.
CFD investment: a form of investment different from traditional ones where you will reach an agreement with a brokerage agent and do not buy the shares directly. This option allows you to apply leverage, diversify your portfolio, make short and long-term investments.
The more than 10 million users that eToro has walked among all those investment options—everything in one place, with custom and simplified tools, graphics, platforms.

How to invest in eToro?

In less than 5 minutes, you can invest in the market you want so much. Here we explain how to invest in eToro in just four steps.

  1. Sign up for eToro. Remember that you can open your account for free, and you should not forget the verification process.
  2. Make your initial deposit. You can start with $ 200.
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency, currency, commodity, or stock you want to invest in.
  4. Press the “invert” button, and well done.

By knowing how eToro works, you can start trading in the different markets. If you do not have much experience, look for the platform’s guides, courses, and tools as support.CopyTrader and CopyPortfolios Contribute to social trading. EToro has two products that concentrate the knowledge of the universe of investors it has. These products are CopyTrader and CopyPortafolios.

With CopyTrader, you can imitate the movements made by other investors in real-time.

But not only those who replicate the actions of the best investors will benefit because, through the Popular Investor program, those who share their movements with the rest will also be rewarded. On the other hand, CopyPortafolios consists of investment strategies ready to use according to your topic of interest. For example, cannabis for medicinal use, autonomous vehicles, among others, As well as portfolios designed for types of people.

eToro Virtual portfolio

You do not have experience in financial instruments and would like to practice? eToro has a virtual portfolio in which you can operate without having to take money out of your pocket.

Also known as the eToro simulator, it is available to all users of the platform.

By registering with eToro, you will have a free virtual or demo account with a capital of $ 100,000.

This virtual portfolio has the same characteristics as the platform to operate with real money, an excellent alternative for those who want to practice or learn in-depth how eToro works.

Build the portfolio with the markets that interest you, and voila, you can “play” the investor.

With the virtual portfolio and the CopyTrader and CopyPortafolio products, you will have no excuses not to learn in the world of finance.

Deposits and withdrawals on eToro

The eToro broker has several deposit and withdrawal options that work well in all the countries it operates.

The following stand out like credit cards, Paypal electronic wallets, and bank transfers of all the deposit and withdrawal methods available. It should note that you must makewidrawals made in the same way with which you made the deposit.

To know the complete list of deposit methods, we recommend you go to eToro to verify which ones are available in your country, the types of currency they accept, and the limits.

To deposit or To withdraw, you have to log in to your eToro account, select the option to deposit or withdraw, indicate the amount and currency, and choose the method by which it will do it.

Should note that you can withdraw the funds up to your account balance minus the amount of the margin you used.

eToro UK
Minimum deposit 200 USD
Regulated in Europe
Trade selections Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, ETFs, Indices
  • Zero Commissions on Trades

  • CopyPortfolios/Copytrade Feature

  • Ask Experts Questions

  • Wide Range of Stocks

eToro mobile app

As we have already mentioned, eToro has done everything possible to make its platform work properly from tablets and smartphones.

To achieve this, it completed a very intuitive mobile application that gathers all the characteristics of its platform. That way, you can invest more comfortably from anywhere and move between your computer and mobile devices.

This application is available for the two most used operating systems today: iOS and Android.

You can download the app for iOS from the App Store, while for Android from the Play Store.

In the same way, your website also works correctly from the browsers of mobile devices.

Customer Service

This broker has several contact channels that you will find in the customer service center.

eToro explains that before the millions of users have available the answer to your question or problem; it may take time. In addition, it indicates that it can take up to 14 days to give a response.

So, first, it is recommended to review its FAQ section before contacting technical support. You may be able to get the answer you need there without using customer service.

But it cannot be the doubt of problem-solving in the frequently asked questions section; you can contact us by live chat or report the incident; in this case, you must indicate if you are a visitor or already have an active account.

eToro opinions

eToro calls itself “the world’s leading investment and trading network,” the numbers and the quality of its products confirm this.

Throughout its history, it has remained at the forefront of financial services, being a reference for other brands that seek to offer financial operations over the internet.

Today it has 10 million users in more than 140 countries who invest money in cryptocurrencies, stocks, raw materials, currencies, among other markets.

They are more than 2000 financial instruments, low fees, tools for newbies and professionals, easy-to-use platforms, and, most of all, the social trading approach. The oasis of online finance does not stop growing.

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