Bankia Stocks

You can locate the value of Bankia stocks  in the BME index of the Madrid Stock Exchange. You can then follow the development of the action.

Bankia was a bank in Spain that had its headquarters in the city of Valencia and its headquarters in the city of Madrid. It was founded in December 2010, when the country was in the process of restructuring its financial system.

This bank suffered a Bankia stocks merger in March 2021 with Bankia Caixabank stocks, which took control of the brand’s image.

In December 2019, Bankia’s assets were around 208,468 million euros, which made it the fifth largest Spanish entity in terms of its volume of assets. It had 2,275 offices and approximately 16,000 employees. By 2018 it had 8.2 million clients.

This bank had its Bankia stocks listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange and was part of the select Ibex 35 group.

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What will be the exchange of stocks for the merger of Bankia with Caixabank?

Caixabank has published a communication in which it indicates that it will attend to the exchange for bankia fusion stocks . This will be done by delivering newly issued ordinary stocks of Caixabank to Bankia stockholders.

As established in the merger project with respect to the fixed exchange rate. The newly issued caixabank stocks have a value of 0.6845 euros.

For this to happen, they will carry out a capital increase in the amount necessary to be able to deal with the exchange of Bankia stocks. There are no exchanges of the Bankia stocks in which CaixaBank is the owner, nor of the shares that have treasury stocks, proceeding rather to their amortization.

Bankia’s stocks capital is represented by 3,069,522,105 bankia shares today, and the number of bankia stocks that are going to be exchanged is 3,037,558,805 units. Each of these stocks will have a nominal value of 1 euro.

Based on this, CaixaBank must deliver 2,079,209,002.0225 newly issued ordinary shares to Bankia stockholders to attend to the exchange resulting from the merger. However, they have established a mechanism so that the stocksdelivered are a whole number.

In short, what will happen to Bankia’s stocks at the time of the merger?

The owners of Bankia pcbolsa stocks may transfer or acquire shares so that the resulting shares give them the right to receive a whole number of CaixaBank stocks. That decision to buy or sell will correspond individually to each stocksholder.

Anyone’s question is when will the exchange of Bankia stocks take place? And the answer is that this swap has already happened. This process was subject to the completion of the merger on March 26, 2021, which happened.

This was achieved because two conditions occurred, the obtaining of authorizations by the National Markets Commission. From Competition and from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, according to a relevant fact sent to the CNMV.

A merger with a good reception from investors?

As a result of the merger, Bankia stocks have greater support among investors than the rest of the banks that focus their businesses in Spain. It is currently the entity in Spain that trades with the lowest discount on its book value. This makes it enjoy 69 percent of Bankia stocks purchase recommendations according to the consensus of analysts.

Investors place great value on the alliance for its leadership in pension and insurance plans and also for the power of its mutual fund business. All of them a very valuable source of commissions, and they also have a high level of solvency.

The most important firms such as Santander stocks and other important ones have reiterated their recommendation to buy the stocksof Bankia stocks. After the announcement of its merger with CaixaBank, other specialists have joined the group, raising the consensus on the opportunity to buy Bankia stocks.

The function has generated a national champion that helps the entities involved to structurally alleviate their low productivity. Thus achieving the required synergy between the solid teams that have demonstrated its ability to integrate with other banks.

This will positively impact the value of future Bankia stocks, which will cause the historical Bankia stocks behavior to trend upward.

How are Bankia’s Stocks Vs those of Other Banks?

Bankia shares currently have a value of around 1,784 euros per share. If you want to make a comparison with other companies that are still trading on the stock market, you have:

Sabadell stocks have a value of 0.60 euros as of today, but with an upward trend. It is 1.18 points below Bankia stocks, which also have an upward trend. The bbva stocks have a value of around 5.43 euros with an upward trend. These stocks are well above those of Bankia.

Telefónica stocks have a current value of 3.93 euros with a stable trend. This value is 2.15 points well above the value of Bankia’s stocks. Repsol stocks have a value of 11.06 euros, which is well above the value of Bankia stocks.