Bayer Stock

You can locate the value of Bayer stocks on the German DAX index. You can then follow the development of the action.

The German pharmaceutical and chemical company Bayer has a long business history dating back to 1863. Practically the whole world knows about this brand because it is associated with one of the best-known medicines in humanity: aspirin.

However, regardless of having such a glorious past, today, you cannot survive with it; at present specific actions are required to cope with a global scenario as complex as the one we are living in.

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The value of Bayer stocks is listed on the German market of Deutsche Boerse AG and is part of the calculation of the Stoxx Europe 50 stock index. Since its first listing in September 2009 at a value of 46.22 EUR, the Historic Bayer stock has been steadily on an uptrend.

This marked acceleration continued since 2012, reaching a historical peak in 2015, reaching a Bayer share price target of EUR 138.8 in April 2015. Since then, Bayer stocks have unfortunately lost their value.

Its evolution presents a downward trend that can be observed in Bayer stocks today, although, at times, it has presented microscopic upward movements. However, for investors, these actions are attractive because it is a company that is present in all four latitudes of the world.

Bayer stock dividends

Bayer in 2020 has kept the Bayer stocks dividend against all odds. However, Bayer stock prices have had multiple complications, and what should be observed is whether the Bayer Corporation will have profits for 2021 and 2022.

As can be seen, we are in the presence of an extraordinarily solid company in the area of ​​dividends; it has managed to maintain a figure of around 3 percent in absolutely all scenarios, including when there has been a stock market crisis.

This solvency and stability are rare since most companies such as Santander stock large variations when they generate stock market or economic crises.

Bayer stocks, on the other hand, keep their value almost the same come rain or shine. When there is a small variation, and in periods where there has been a stock market crisis, the value of Bayer ag stocks is usually slightly above 3 percent.

When there have been periods in which there have been stock market bonanzas, it has been the case that the dividends of the Bayer Investing stocks have been a little below 3 percent. However, as can be seen, the value of dividends has remained constant over the years.

This stability is very attractive for investors seeking sustainable economic solvency, so these stocks are highly valued, unlike others such as Repsol stocks, which are always affected by global energy behavior.

About the Bayer Group

The German corporation Bayer is one of the world’s leading specialists in designing, manufacturing, and marketing pharmaceutical products. Its activity is divided into several groups:

The group that has to do with health care products covers almost 50 percent of the turnover. Among which are drugs to treat cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, malfunction of the nervous system, and diabetes.

It also covers food supplements and products for animal treatment. Another group is high-performance materials such as adhesives, raw materials for paints, plastics, and materials for coatings. The last group has to do with agrochemicals such as fungicides or insecticides and herbicides.

Bayer’s largest turnover is generated in the United States of America, accounting for 24.3 percent; in Germany, it is only 10 percent of world turnover, in China, 9 percent, and the rest in the rest of the world.

This makes Bayer stocks always attractive because it is hardly a company that can be affected by a financial or stock recession. The interesting point is that Bayer, in its expansion plan, has acquired Monsanto stocks, thus becoming one of its investors.

This means that the Bayer Corporation has an expansion of Bayer stocks in the stock exchanges where it is listed, having great options to improve its dividends and, therefore, its financial and stock market reputation. When entering the stock market, it is good to review Bayer stocks recommendations made by specialists before knowing when to invest in such stocks.

Bayer stocks  and other stocks

When entering the stock market, it is advisable to review the other comments of the specialists based on the behavior of the various stocks. Bayer is no exception and has a Bayer shares forum where you will find historical analysis of its behavior, forecasts, and comparisons concerning other stocks.

When making a comparison between Bayer stocks and other essential stocks, we find:

· In the current context, acquiring Moderna stocks is very attractive, so much so that the value has an upward trend. Currently, the value of     Moderna shares is 140.47 USD, while Bayer’s value is around 52.43 EUR.

· Roche stocks show a stable behavior similar to those of Bayer. They are currently worth CHF 319.20, losing only 0.063% of the value of the stock.

· In recent days, the value of Pfizer stocks has experienced a downward trend. They are currently worth $ 34.71.

· Tesla shares, manufacturer of electric cars and electric vehicle components, show an utterly horizontal behavior; they are very stable. Its value is in the order of 699.60 USD.