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McDonald’s Shares

McDonald’s is one of the leading fast-food chains on the globe. Last year, the MCD Stock performed well as it rose post-pandemic. Please be on the lookout for the MCD Stock this year and what it has in store for its stockholders.


McDonald’s Shares on the Stock Market

McDonald’s is a well-known name in the fast food industry. Their hamburgers are almost everywhere. But, beyond its products, is it profitable to buy McDonald’s shares? That and other questions we will answer here.

This fast food company is listed on eight Stock Exchanges and is on most investment platforms. This shows a bit the importance of this company in finance.

Please keep reading if you’d like to know the value of McDonald’s shares and how and where to invest in their shares, as well as forecasts for the future.

Some Facts About McDonald’s

Before going entirely into the price of McDonald’s dividend shares, it is worth contextualizing a little about one of the oldest fast food companies.

Its first store or restaurant opened in 1940, with more than 36,000 franchises in more than 118 countries. According to the company’s data, at least 68 million people consume its products daily.

Its menu includes several hamburgers. The Big Mac is one of the most famous, with milkshakes, drinks, ice cream, French fries, and other products.

The fact that it is present in many countries, whether through franchises, premises operated by the company, or with licenses, captures the attention of investors since its track record is synonymous with success.

In this sense, the company does not close and sell its shares on the stock market within reach of any investor.

MCD Stock Price

If you’re wondering how much McDonald’s stock costs, the answer is that its current value is $272.46. This means that, when writing this article, it decreased by -2.26 (0.82%) compared to the previous day.

This year, the company has paid shareholders two dividends: June 20 and August 16. The shares of this company are listed on the following Stock Exchanges:

  • The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE, in English).
  • Mexican stock exchange
  • Trade Gate (Germany)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Xetra (Germany)
  • Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • BM&FBOVESPA (Brazil)
  • Vienna Stock Exchange (Austria)

How do you think you could buy MCD shares?

Today buying shares in any company is easier than you think. There is a keyword: brokers.

A broker, or investment platform, is an intermediary between investors and the financial world. It is in charge of executing stock market orders.

So, to invest in McDonald’s shares, you must create an account on an investment platform. There are many, and most have shares in the company.

Once you have the account created and verified, you must make a deposit. Again, the amount depends on the minimum limits of the broker and the strategy as an investor.

The broker will have several deposit options, including cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallets. As if it were any online business.

After depositing, it is time to answer the most critical question: how can I buy Mcdonald’s shares?

Within all the financial products of the investment platform, look for the shares, specifically the McDonald’s shares, and buy the amount you want.

If you want to buy shares in McDonald’s, USA, you can do it from home. But, of course, the same applies to the claims of any other company.

Will McDonald’s stock go up or down?

Now that you know how to get McDonald’s shares, it’s time to talk about what can happen to their value in the immediate future.

For many specialists, the shares of the fast food company will continue to increase in value. Even the most optimistic believe that they can reach 300 dollars.

And those who do not view investing in it very favorably assured that it dropped to $261.40 a price already a month ago.

It must be remembered that the pandemic affected the restaurant industry too much, and little by little, they have been gaining ground, although the world has long since come out of confinement.

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Overall, the MCD stock is one to look out for this year as it continues to expand its market and make its name known as one of the largest fast-food chains in the industry. Get a hold of this blue-chip stock this year and have it as part of your long-term financial goals.


FAQ: McDonald’s Shares

How to have McDonald's shares?

You can buy McDonalds shares at the main brokers or online investment platforms. eToro is one of the most popular platforms, but there are many others.

How to buy McDonald's shares in the USA?

It's very simple, open an account on an investment platform, make a deposit and purchase the number of shares you want. Of course, it is advised to have an investment plan.

What are McDonald's main competitors?

It is in a battle with Subway for the company with the most establishment, but it also competes with other fast food chains such as Burger King, Starbucks, among others.

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