Melia Stocks

You can locate the value of Melia stocks in the BME index of the Madrid Stock Exchange. You can then follow the development of the action.

The Meliá Hotels International, of the 20 largest international hotel groups in the world, is the only one with a holiday origin and of sufficient size. To combine exceptional hospitality with efficient management, very close to its stakeholders. All this intertwined with the warmth and passion of the Spanish that makes them different and unique.

They have four fundamental attributes that are: Warmth and cordiality, caring and encouraging, personality and innovation.

These attributes take on great importance through its five values, such as: Proximity, through a warm behavior; excellence and consistency, thus ensuring a height in professional demeanor; the vocation of service, which is the essence of hospitality; and innovation, which guides behavior and creative work.

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The Melia hotel internacional stocks are listed on the Madrid stock exchange on the continuous market, but it is also part of the ibex 35. It is the first company in the industry to be included in the responsible index of the Spanish stock exchange FTSE4Good since 2008.

Is it a good time to buy shares in Meliá Hotels International?

There are several strengths to take into account to consider that it is a good time to buy Melia stocks today. First of all, Meliá Hotels International is among the 20 most important hotel chains in the world.

Its strategy for growth and internationalization of the hotel is very solid, growing organically and when possible. Much of this growth is making commercial agreements with other companies, to continue growing through acquisitions.

It can offer a diversity of tourist offers and reach any type of public, whether they have low or high purchasing power. It offers investors growth prospects, so buying Melia stocks could generate dividends for you in the medium and long term.

The management of the company is oriented to minority stockholders, since the management of the company is under the responsibility of the main owners. The commercial associations that are being carried out in recent times, allows a historical Melia stocks of sustained growth. This is allowing you to access the difficult and huge Asian market.

Meliá Hotels International is already a globally recognized brand, it is a status symbol, so all the Melia stocks recommendations indicate that there are never bad times to buy Melia hotels stocks.

How are the actions of Meliá Hotels International doing in 2021?

Melia stocks are one of the values ​​that is going from strength to strength so far in 2021 within the Stock Market and the Ibex. The melia shares opinions in the Meliá stocks forum can be corroborated. Despite the delay in the recovery of the sector as a result of the pandemic. It is estimated that for the remainder of June and July, 85% of its facilities can be reopened.

Many hotels in the world have had to put up the “For Sale” sign due to the declaration of a pandemic and its lack of operation. In fact, Meliá Hotels International has just established a hotel investment vehicle with which it can get up to 200 million euros in liquidity.

In the stock market, Melia stocks continue to advance and that has been their behavior in June. With accumulated increases of 4% and in the last 20 sessions the figure has doubled. With advances of 8.25 percent. While so far this year, according to comments from the Melia stocks forum, the stocks are up 25.7 percent.

According to experts, Meliá Hotels International’s investment strategy will be consolidated in the short term, based on its 40-period moving average. In the medium term, the value of Melia stocks  may approach its annual maximum of 7.40 euros per stocks. This would enable purchases and force them to update their upside target with a value per share of 8.40 euros.

Where can you buy Meliá Hotels International stocks?

The purchase of the stocks of Meliá Hotels International can be done in banks or online through the platform of the most important brokers. The simplest and cheapest way is to purchase through CFD contracts.

Meliá Hotels International is a rapidly growing company and the purchase of its stocks is a very profitable action, even if the value of the stocks falls, the holders can still earn money.

Meliá shares Vs other stocks

Melia stocks currently have a value of around 6.68 euros per stocks. If you want to make a comparison with other companies that are listed on the stock market, you have:

The iag stocks have a value of 2.18 euros with a downward trend. This stocks is 4.5 points below the Meliá stocks. Santander stocks  have a value that is in the order of 3.36 euros with an upward trend. Compared to Meliá stocks, they are 3.32 points lower.

Repsol stocks have a value of 11.06 euros. This stocks is 4.92 points higher than the Meliá stocks. Telefónica stocks have a value of 3.93 euros with a stable trend. It is 2.75 points below Meliá stocks.

Iberia stocks have a value of 2.19 euros with a downward trend. This share is 4.49 points below Meliá stocks .And the hcity stocks  have a value of 0.3 euros with a downward trend. The share value of this hotel is well below the value of Meliá stocks.