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Microsoft Stocks

Microsoft is listed on the US Nasdaq Index; you can follow the stock development below.

Microsoft is a company that is responsible for providing software support for electronic devices. This technology multinational is based in Washington, United States. And thanks to its good reputation, it has many investors in its Microsoft Stocks.

One of its best-known products worldwide is Microsoft Windows, as well as Internet browsers. This company was founded on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. And since then, he has had much prestige in the world due to his income account.

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Perhaps you have already thought about buying Microsoft stocks Nasdaq computer giant. That is why, before making a specific decision, it is essential that you know the Microsoft Stocks price and other relevant information.

How important is the Microsoft company in the stock market?

The Microsoft Stocks yield has become one of the most followed stocks globally, just like the Netflix Stocks. It is one of the most popular international stocks in the Spanish-speaking market. That is why many investors from countries such as Argentina, Mexico, and Spain have a great interest in stocks.

Microsoft Stocks have given much to talk about today due to their huge stock market gains. However, it has not always had a good boom in the stock market. This company went through a great crisis in its prices during the financial crisis of 2008.

From 2000 to 2009, its prices were meager; however, three years later, it managed to recover and the Visa Shares. In this way, there was a consolidation in the price of these quotes, with a considerable rise.

Does the Microsoft company have competitors?

Microsoft makes global technology relevant, and although they release 100% original products, other companies have made replicas. These rivals are mighty and can be a great danger right now. Because every day people use more technological devices.

The historical Microsoft Stocks show a continuous rise in the stock market. Also, among its competitors are the Apple Stocks through its company that also belongs to the world of technology.

Likewise, it can mention other significant competitors.

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Cisco
  • Sony
  • IBM

What are the most obvious reasons to invest in Microsoft company stocks?

Throughout history, Microsoft bcba Stocks have been significant, and there are several reasons for investing in these quotes:

It is a stock that pays dividends

Although the dividends on Microsoft Stock are not great, they are much better than those offered by other companies. Experts on this subject assure that the Microsoft company will have better dividends for the future.

Responded positively after the stock market crash

Although the Microsoft Dividend Stocks have not been striking so far, these stocks had a rise after the stock market crash in March 2020. The confinement caused this company to have a surge thanks to the software service offered.

Vaccines have brought him a favor.

Vaccines for Covid-19 shown at the end of 2020 are good news for the world and especially for the economic sector. Therefore, this is very beneficial for the Microsoft company.

At what point should you purchase the shares of the Microsoft company?

There is a crucial moment for the purchase of Microsoft NYSE Stocks, and it is precisely when firm corrections occur. When economic crises occur, people are afraid to buy stocks.

However, Microsoft Stock opinions show that it is a successful listing, and it is not a bad idea to buy when the stock rises. Facebook Stocks also have their appeal, but Microsoft Stocks have always had a higher value multiplied to 400 in recent years.

During the pandemic crisis, it is a bit difficult to decipher the right moment to buy Amazon Stock or Microsoft Stock. This process depends on the behavior of the market. However, if prices drop significantly, Microsoft Stocks are likely to be very valuable in the future.

Where to buy shares of the Microsoft company?

Google Stocks are easy to acquire, and Microsoft Stocks since you will only need one good Stockbroker in the market. There are also a wide variety of instruments that you can access to negotiate the price of stocks.

For clients in Spain, there are specialized Brokers for the purchase of Tesla and Microsoft Stocks. Although the Sony stocks are also popular; Microsoft Stocks have a better future, according to stock exchange experts.