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Aena Stocks

Aena is listed on the IBEX 35 index in Spain. You can follow the development of the action below.

Aena SME S.A. is a Spanish publicly owned company that manages the most important airports in the Kingdom of Spain. This company manages the operations of 45 airports and 2 heliports in Spain. And through its subsidiary Aena Internacional it participates in the management of 15 airports between America and Europe.

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This condition makes it the main airport operator globally due to the number of passengers circulating through the airports it manages. This company was created as a State Mercantile Society in 2010. In February 2015, Aena Bolsa IBEX 35 shares began to be listed through partial privatization of 49% of the company through an IPO.

How can you buy Aena Stocks?

A common way of investing in Aena stocks is to purchase cash shares. Under these conditions, you have to assume the commissions. Of course, this is a factor to consider before buying the shares. Another point to consider is the benefit is given by the revaluation of the shares, although it can also be generated when Aena shares dividends.

You can also use various financial products with which the shareholder invests directly in the purchase of stocks. An example of them is mutual funds. However, the operating margin is relatively low, in addition to having to assume the costs of commissions when deciding to invest.

Another way to invest in Aena stocks today is CFDs. This way of investing is done using the stock as an underlying asset in a contract established with a broker. This contract aims to foresee how the Aena stocks will behave in the historical value of the stocks.

It is a way of investing that allows expeditious operations and also allows obtaining benefits regardless of whether the asset appreciates or not if it has been invested in the right direction. Another additional advantage of doing it this way is that they are commission-free products.

To invest in Aena stocks with CFDs, it is essential to have the best brokers on the market. It must be a regulated trading platform, which is very reliable and also very secure.

Buying Aena shares as a business model

According to Aena stocks opinions, one of the best shares in Europe is those of Aena since they are part of the main airport operator in the world concerning the number of passengers.

In addition to operating around fifty airports in Spain, it participates directly or indirectly in the operation of some twenty airports in other parts of the world.

It has a strong presence in America in Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, and Brazil. It is a company that always tries to be at the forefront of technological advances and has an expansion policy. This business model makes your stocks always very attractive.

The network management business model that it has established provides endless advantages at an operational level because it interconnects a lot of traffic, giving you security benefits and great business revenue management.

The Aena stocks recommendations are provided in the Aena stocks forum because if you want to invest in Aena stocks, do so with complete confidence.

Historical evolution of Aena shares

Aena stocks, in the last 5 years, had a sustained growth trend. This increased from € 74 per stock in 2015 to a ceiling of € 183.70 in mid-2017. After a period of readjustment, the stocks remained around € 150 until the end of 2018.

For 2019 there was a rebound that brought the value of the stock to 160 Euros. At the beginning of 2020, the value of Aena’s stocks reached 170 Euros. But they collapsed, like many other things, with the declaration of the pandemic, a product of COVID-19, reaching 108 Euros. Reaching a minimum of 102 Euros in April for the complete confinement.

For March 2021, Aena’s stocks had already exceeded 135 Euros, and when checking the stock market in real-time, the value of a said share is in the order of 143.85 Euros.

Aena shares Vs. other shares

When making a comparison between Aena stocks and others that are listed on the main stock exchanges in the world, it is necessary to:

Repsol stocks today have a value of 11.16 with a downward trend and are well below the value of Aena stock. Amadeus shares are today at 59.98, with a downward trend. It is also 83.87 points below Aena’s stocks.

Santander stocks have a valuer of 3.37 Euros with an upward trend of 1.19%. However, it is well below the value of Aena’s stocks. Meanwhile, Inditex stocks have a value of 32.54 Euros with an upward trend. It is 11.31 points below Aena’s stocks.

The pharmamar stocks, as of today, have a value of 84.64 Euros with an upward trend. However, it is 59.21 points lower than Aena’s titles. Telefónica stocks have a value of 4.15 Euros with a downward trend, and Iberia stocks today have a value of 3.42 but with an upward trend. The two titles are below Aena’s stocks.