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AXA Shares

AXA is one of the giants in the insurance and asset management industry, but what is the behaviour of its shares in the market? What has been its evolution over time? We will answer that and more here.

General Information About AXA

AXA, founded in 1985, is a French multinational dedicated to insurance and asset management. It has a presence in 56 countries and is considered one of the most important insurance companies in the world.

In the case of Spain, for example, it is the leading company in the market, and only some can compete with it in the country.

It is estimated to generate revenue of 86,107 million euros and six subsidiaries worldwide. And it should be noted that it has nothing to do with axactor actions.

Not surprisingly, its shares are among the most listed on the French stock market, and many Spaniards have shared on it.

How much do the shares cost?

You can find out the AXA share price today by just doing a simple internet search from the browser of your choice. Today the cost of the safe shares on the stock market is 28.54 euros, with a fall of 0.33% compared to the previous day.  Therefore, an asset must be monitored to predict its movements.

If compared to last year, AXA has yet to be able to exceed or match the price it reached, for example, in November when it was positioned at 24.44 euros. In 2022 the maximum share evolution was 23.53 euros, while the minimum was 20.33 euros. It has a difference of 3.20 euros and an annual average of 21.59 euros.

How do you think you could invest in AXA shares?

Before investing in AXA shares, you should know that their shares are listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, and their symbol is CS. With that clear to register AXA shares, you must do the following:

  1. Select an investment platform or NSbroker.
  2. Open an account by providing some personal information and verifying identity.
  3. Make a deposit. The minimum will depend on the policies of the selected investment platform.
  4. Look for the titles of the shares you want to buy, in this case, the AXA shares.
  5. Purchase the shares.

The process is valid if you want to buy other shares, such as axalta shares.

Advantages and disadvantages of AXA shares

One of the main reasons for investing in AXA is the company’s stability. Which, even in its most difficult moments, has not stopped delivering dividends to its shareholders.

In line with the previous point, AXA is a company with global reach, is present in more than 56 countries, has more than 160,000 employees, and has a dividend yield of approximately 5.5%.

While on the negative side is what surrounds all investments: the uncertainty rumored in the financial markets about a possible economic crisis with recession and inflation.

Since you know everything about the company’s shares, you must analyze, choose an investment platform, and make the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies compete with AXA?

AXA’s closest competitors in Europe and the rest of the world are Allianz, Prudential Financial, and Prudential PLC.

Does AXA pay dividends?

Yes, and it does it very well. For example, in 2020, the dividends exceeded 10% return. And when things don’t look too good, it still pays dividends of 5%.

What are the scenarios for AXA shares?

Experts say that AXA shares could start a movement upwards to 26.35 euros. However, even the analyzes indicate that it could reach 28 euros.

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Overall, if you’re considering buying shares from the investment and financing industry, you can consider buying AXA Shares. They have a stable reputation as one of the leading insurance companies in Europe. In addition to that, they also generate dividends for their shareholders.


FAQ: AXA Shares

What does the company AXA do?

Everything that has to do with financial protection, from life, savings, assets, and asset management.

Where are AXA shares listed?

Its shares are listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, and its symbol is CS. You can purchase at any of the most famous investment platforms.

What is the price of AXA shares?

Today the price of AXA insurance shares on the stock market is 28.54 euros, with a fall of 0.33% compared to the last day.

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