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Bitcoin Cash

Currently, cryptocurrencies remain in trend due to their advantages. This virtual currency has made life easier for all the people who have trusted in its operation. In the case of Bitcoin Cash, this cryptocurrency is here to stay and if you still do not use it you should know everything related to it.

The first question that all people ask is whether this virtual currency is really safe. Bitcoin cash (BCH) has an official website that guarantees the proper functioning of this virtual currency as a very efficient payment network. Similarly, before using any cryptocurrency you must inform yourself very well.

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What is Bitcoin Cash?

People who have been interested in how cryptocurrencies work wonder what bitcoin cash is. To clear this doubt, this virtual currency represented by the Bitcoin Cash Logo apart from being considered a cryptocurrency is also known as a payment network.

Likewise, the official website of the BCH also defines this cryptocurrency as P2P electronic cash. One of its main characteristics is that it is fully decentralized, therefore it is not controlled by any central bank. Likewise, it does not require the trust of third parties to carry out its operations.

How to get BCH?

The Bitcoin Cash news always shows relevant information about this virtual currency, such as the BCH price and other peculiarities. Similarly, after knowing how to use Bitcoin cash, it is important to determine how to have these cryptocurrencies safely protected.

All cryptocurrencies, including BCH, must be stored in a wallet. This way you can check that you own a certain number of coins.

This wallet works very much like a digital bank account, as you can use it to efficiently send and receive and manage this currency.

When you make use of the Bitcoin cash Blockchain, instead of directly saving the cryptocurrencies, you will be storing the private keys that will allow you easy access to them. Therefore, to have this this virtual currency you will have to create a wallet as follows:

· Go to the Google Play or IOS app store, depending on the operating format of your smartphone.

· Find the Coinomi option and download it.

· Open the application and enter a 24-word recovery phrase. This will be your wallet backup.

· Choose a 100% secure password.

· Start adding BCH to your wallet.

· Then use your receiving address to receive this cryptocurrency.

What to buy with BCH?

Although the Bitcoin cash price goes through constant changes, the experts of the virtual currency assure in their Bitcoin Cash prediction that it is a great investment in the long term. Similarly, this cryptocurrency is ideal for you to buy or do a variety of activities:

· Travel: if you are interested in having an unforgettable vacation, there are many companies that bet on bitcoin cash and allow payment with them. In this way you will be able to visit a city of your interest to have more knowledge of its culture.

· Digital stores: this is the era of digital stores, and with Bitcoin cash you can buy fashionable clothes, items for your home and technology.

· Videogames: for fans of videogames this is a great opportunity. With this virtual currency you can buy titles for a wide variety of platforms and video game codes on the most important platforms in the world.

· Computers and electronics: technology plays a fundamental role in society, and with this virtual currency you can buy wonderful items in computer stores.

· Gift cards: it is very interesting to know that with the BCH you can buy gift cards. Thus, you will be able to use your money more easily from wherever you are in the world.

· Non-profit: there are international non-profit organizations that allow the use of cryptocurrencies to avoid bank transfers.

How much BCH is there?

When analyzing Bitcoin Cash Vs Bitcoin, it can be observed that the technology used by bitcoin cash allows a greater increase in the number of blocks. It is also worth mentioning that this virtual currency is available in 40 exchange houses. Some are, Coinbase,, bitFlyer, Bittrex, among others.

This coin, which was launched in 2017, has 17 million coins in circulation, and since its inception it has had good Feedback.

How to buy and sell BCH?

Once you have the Bitcoin cash wallet address, you can start selling and buying bitcoin cash taking into account the Bitcoin Cash price prediction.

To buy bitcoin cash:

You must register on the platform of your choice, one of the safest

on Coinbase and you can join very easily.

· Choose the payment method that suits your needs, it can be a credit or debit card or a bank transfer.

· Press the Buy button and select the desired amount of bitcoin cash.

· In this way you can make the purchase of this currency in a matter of minutes.

To sell bitcoin cash:

· Login to your cryptocurrency account.

· Choose the sell option located in the price calculator.

· Choose your currency, that is, bitcoin cash.

· Enter the amount of coins you want to sell.

· Enter your bank account number in the order form.

· You will see the receiving address of the bitcoin cash on the screen.

· Login to your wallet to send coins.

Bitcoin cash has many advantages that you can take advantage of if you are interested in getting started with a virtual currency.

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