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Within the cryptocurrency community, one of the most exciting projects is Cardano (ADA). It is a complete ecosystem that operates as a next-generation blockchain, aiming to offer security and scalability.

To achieve this, ADA Cardan has developed an extensive battery of technological advances that are extremely interesting. This has allowed it to achieve important goals, but not only that, it has shown that it can face the challenges of today and tomorrow without inconvenience.

For this reason, those who are entering and those who are already in the world of cryptocurrencies must know everything about Cardano.

What are the characteristics of Cardano and its ADA token?

Like other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, the team of professionals who developed Cardano established a total number of ADAs. This number of Cardano ADA stock is around 45 million tokens. Likewise, both the blockchain and its token have another characteristic that differentiates it from other cryptocurrencies: its consensus method or block generation.

That consensus method is called Ouroboros, which uses Proof of Stake (PoS) to validate transactions. It is different from ordinary PoS because its scalability, security, and speed can be scientifically proven.

This review is run by different academics and universities around the world. The Ouroboros is designed to achieve the highest level of decentralization on the Cardano blockchain.

In addition, the consensus method allows Cardano to have the capacity to process from 50 to 250 transactions per second. Much faster than BTC, you can make seven transactions per second and ETH between 15 and 20 transactions.

According to its founder, with the following updates to the Cardano system, the project will validate up to 5,000 transactions per second. Of course, these updates do not have a release date yet. All this generates economic rewards divided into three groups; Leaders, Stakeholders, and promoters of the network.

Where can you buy Cardano (ADA)?

In terms of market capitalization, ADA is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world. Therefore, there is no problem in knowing where to buy Cardano. This token can be purchased on the world’s leading exchanges such as Cardano Binance, eToro, Coinbase, or HitBTC.

At present, the crypto Cardano has a value of $ 2.2490 per coin, an increase of 3.40% compared to the previous day’s price. For May 2022, the Cardano price prediction of the ADA indicates that it will be in the order of 6.57 dollars, which means an increase of 387%. And for May 2023, it is estimated to be in the order of $ 4.83, which means an increase of 258% compared to today’s value.

Where can I get information about Cardano?

On websites specialized in cryptocurrencies, many Cardano news is obtained where much information is detailed about this vital system and its ADA token, prices, and predictions.

Through ADA, Cardano allows the transfer of value through its complex programming and its Blockchain network. ADA cannot be considered a currency since its liquidity and its acceptance is minimal.

It is a block structure where specialists can generate smart contracts and applications that cover many requirements. However, ADA can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies that are much more popular such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are widely accepted as payment methods worldwide.

What do people use the Cardano ADA for?

When people think of cryptocurrencies, they think of them as investments or an alternative form of payment. The Cardano system provides a large number of options for use. An investment in Cardano can be made for short or long-term profits.

Cardano’s Atala PRISM product can be used in the education sector to verify credentials, thus ensuring its transparency. The Cardano ecosystem app, Atala Scan, is ideal for combating counterfeits.

Atala Trace is another excellent product from the Cardano world that allows people to keep track of the agricultural supply chain. And additionally, the Atala PRISM can be used by government offices for digital identity verification. Can give a multiple-choice to the Cardano system.

How many ADAs are available?

The total number of ADA tokes estimated for the Cardano system is 45 billion units. Currently, the number of ADA available is 31 billion, and there are 26 billion tokens in circulation.

If you have it Considering that the supply is strategically limited, once it reaches the limit, the behavior of the market will determine its liquidity and availability. Thus will be a fixed price.

If you want to be part of the Cardano community, you can follow them on Cardano Twitter. There you will get up-to-date and truthful information about the behavior and next actions of one of the most important cryptocurrency systems in the world.

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