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Polkadot is one of the recently created cryptocurrency projects that has attracted the most attention worldwide. With a much more efficient and scalable network, this new blockchain technology project seeks to dethrone Ethereum.

Likewise, it offers the possibility of achieving interconnection with different blockchains to become a cross-chain development hub without analog.

This makes the Polkadot project a very ambitious goal. However, it is a project that has the ability to overcome the weaknesses of Ethereum, especially about scalability, and enable novel cross-chain or inter-chain operating structures.

In June 2016, the project began to work, and in October of the same year, it was presented to the world. Thus the project began to come to life.

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What is Polkadot’s mission?

The goal of the Polkadot project is to become a network capable of offering the same capabilities as Ethereum. But at the same time overcoming its weaknesses and offering a unique set of features. To achieve this, the project devised from the ground up a new series of consensus protocols and technology designed for this purpose.

Was developed the polkadot with the operation of heterogeneous networks in mind that can interconnect. Thus, it fulfills two well-defined functions: A data transmission and processing chain; and a standalone function that creates its own strings.

The objective of all this is for Polkadot to become one of the best options at the scalability level for networks such as Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Likewise, it can serve for the interconnection of different blockchain ecosystems, all from the same network.

Where can you buy Polkadot (DOT)?

To invest in Polkadot cryptocurrency, there are several brokers and exchanges where you can make the purchase of the cryptocurrency in a safe way. In addition to providing a large amount of information when you need to transfer crypto assets to your Polkadot wallet.

Some brokers and exchanges have their own wallets where you can keep your crypto Polkadot safe. If you have decided to buy Polkadot through a broker, you should know that it is the simplest method of all.

Because they provide you with all the services to make the purchase intuitively, these brokers are generally regulated, so they are required to comply with a set of requirements that minimize the possibility of fraud or misuse of the platform.

If you have decided to buy through an exchange, you should select the exchange with the best reputation. Today, hundreds of virtual exchange houses are willing to carry out transactions with Polkadot, but not all of them are reliable.

It is recommended that you have a wallet independent of the Exchange because they are not regulated. And if your interface is a victim of hackers, the exchange has no obligation to answer for your money.

But if you have decided to buy Polkadot in P2P markets, you must consider the Polkadot price since the sale is in cash and through the Internet. Users enter P2P platforms to exchange Polkadot cryptocurrency for any other cryptocurrency or fiat money.

For this, users must be aware of the Polkadot price prediction and the polka dot value when making the transaction. In this type of transaction, all the work that a broker does to analyze the history of the price Polkadot to predict when is the user does the best time to buy or sell.

The advantage is that under this modality, people will save a lot of money in commissions, but the disadvantage is that it must use much more time to achieve a good transaction.

What is the value of a Polkadot?

According to the Polkadot news that is obtained on the web, the current value of Polkadot is 24 dollars, with a volume of operations of one day in the order of 2 thousand 404 million dollars. Polkadot-js has dropped in value by 7.3 percent in the last 24 hours.

It has several coins in circulation that are around 951 million and the supply. However, the maximum bistro is not yet available. Based on all the above, many people choose to apply polkadot staking to block Polkadot to obtain greater dividends when it rises.

To invest, which will be the best Polkadot or Cardano cryptocurrency?

Both Polkadot and Cardano have experienced a great deal of unprecedented development and adoption as projects over the last year. This means that they are currently side by side in market capitalization. In addition to being among the 10 most important cryptocurrencies.

The Cardano blockchain enables smart contracts; the Polkadot blockchain efficiently connects individual blockchains into a single network. Although the two cryptocurrencies have a radically different approach since their development, if you make a Polkadot vs. Cardano comparison, it seems that they are even.

Your preference will be based on what you value most in a crypto project. For example, if you value decentralization, you will prefer Cardano, but you will prefer Polkadot if you value staking rewards. And if you are also on the hunt for the next 100x altcoin, you will most likely find it in the powerful Polkadot ecosystem.

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