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Carrefour Stocks

Carrefour is listed on the French Euronext index. You can follow the development of the action below.

The Carrefour group is currently one of the leading multinational distribution companies, and they are of French origin. Thanks to their good performance as a distribution chain, they knew how to expand across Europe quickly. For this reason, Carrefour stock is a good opportunity to invest and see good results.

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This group is located in the second position of the world ranking about this sector. In the first place is Walmart, a company that no one has been able to beat. until now

The first hypermarkets of this group went online in 1963, and it also has smaller commercial structures such as shops and some supermarkets. This group is well known because its products are branded, and its assets are also in French denominations.

Like Ferrari stocks, these stocks also look very attractive to both new and savvy investors. This is because the Carrefour group also has a lot of activity, and it is divided as follows:

  •  There are more than 1,481 Carrefour stores that function as hypermarkets.
  • They have 7181 small stores.
  •  As for supermarkets, there are 3462 of them today.

As you can see, this group is very active, and the Carrefour dividend stocks show this by looking at the movements on their charts. If you are interested in investing in Carrefour stocks in advance, you should know the advantages, disadvantages, and other details that cannot go unnoticed.

What are the main competitors of the Carrefour group?

The Carrefour actions forum can detail that this group has competitors. And this even though it is one of the largest European groups dedicated to the distribution sector. Over time, the Carrefour group has had to face certain competitors that you can see below:


It is a British retail group and also has a presence in Eastern Europe. Tesco is a group that has great relevance in this sector, and in the United Kingdom, it has 3,780 stores. But, likewise, it also stands out for having different international activities.

Metro AG

This group is German, and their specialization is also distribution. It has a large number of popular brands that are present in different parts of the world.

Casino Groupe
Casino Groupe is a direct French competitor of the Carrefour group, specializing in the distribution sector. He has a great reputation in his country and has also had good international development so far.

Aldi Group

This German group functions like a supermarket chain, and after the Second World War, it had a great development until it became an international group.

The Carrefour group has direct competition, and these are some of the other groups that also have international importance. Veolia stocks could also be a competitor of this group, although it is dedicated to another sector.

What are the advantages of investing in Carrefour stocks?

Through the Carrefour stock chart, you can see the positive and negative movements of these stocks. You must surely wonder if you can actually invest in these stocks or not. That is why you must analyze the historical Carrefour stocks to make a good decision.

The first thing to consider is whether there is a chance of a rise in this title in the coming years. That is why it is so important that you thoroughly understand how this bag works. In addition, the Carrefour group has many positive points that you should know before buying Carrefour stocks.

One of the advantages of this group is that it has a good position in Europe and the rest of the world. Another important aspect is that Carrefour distributes its activities internationally. For this reason it has a presence in France and other countries such as Belgium, Italy, and Spain.

In the rest of the world, it also has a presence in Brazil, China, and Taiwan. The success of the Carrefour group is due to their established strategies and objectives that they have kept clear from the beginning. Throughout the year, they keep their prices low and also carry out the renewal of their markets.

Experts consider Carrefour stock to be very stable prices. This is because the Carrefour group generates many sales and is continuously gaining participation in different markets.

Another advantage that makes Carrefour shares more attractive is that the activities of this group also make life on the web. So now they are also part of the e-commerce sector, which diversifies their activities sales.

What could be the disadvantages of the Carrefour group?

Peugeot stocks may also compete with Carrefour stocks as it belongs to one of the most important car companies in France. In a way, competitors in this group can be a disadvantage, especially companies that belong to the distribution sector.

Carrefour stocks are exposed to changes that may occur in the currency market. In the French market, it was able to regain some market stocks recently. However, this group continues to suffer from some inconveniences.

The largest amount of sales of the Carrefour group are carried out in the Paris region, so it is still a bit weak in the other cities. For this reason, Carrefour stocks today could also weaken at any time.

Carrefour stocks can be a great opportunity to trade

As you can see, Carrefour stocks have their advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages mean comparing them with Danone stocks or others belonging to groups that carry out the same activity as Carrefour.

However, the advantages of Carrefour Spain stocks also weight the stock market. So, if you want to quote, you must know the Carrefour stocks price based on the Carrefour dollar price or in the currency used according to your country of origin.