Deoleo Stock

Deoleo is listed on the BME index of Spain. You can follow the development of the action below.

Deoleo is a multinational food corporation of Spanish origin focused on olive oil, which is the flagship product of the Mediterranean diet. It also markets related products such as kinds of vinegar, seed oils, and sauces.

Deoleo produces the world’s best-selling olive oil brands such as Bertolli, Carbonell, Carapelli, and Knipe. It has operations in 11 countries and sells in a hundred of them, offering products of the highest quality because they have controlled their production processes very well. It is listed on the Deoleo Madrid Stock Exchange, with the ticker OLE.

At present, it is the second food group in Spain with the highest turnover annually. More than 90% of lead their respective markets, which favors stability in their prices and quality. One out of every five bottles of olive oil sold in the world is from Deoleo.

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Deoleo history

By 2020, Deoleo demonstrated strength in its business from the first half of the year. At the end of June, the group’s net profits reached 251 million euros. In contrast to the losses of 15 million Euros that they registered in the same period in 2019.

This was motivated by the extraordinary impact generated by the restructuring process that concluded that same semester and the excellent performance of the business in all the regions where it operates. This was confirmed by Deoleo stocks news of the time.

Deoleo stocks rose 6.62 percent in the Continuous Market with these results, remaining close to 0.30 Euros per share. The growth of this value has been maintained until the day of Deoleo shares today based on the new measures adopted. Beyond that, the consumption of its products increased significantly from March due to what the CompanyCompany describes as the Covid effect.

The first quarter of 2021 ended with a 30% increase in its production volumes and a 24% increase in sales volumes. All this positively impacts the behavior of Deoleo shares in real-time.

Deoleo closed its capital increase period, which carried out within the framework of its financial restructuring—as a result, receiving requests for 154% of the issued capital, destined exclusively to the Company’sCompany’s stocksholders with rights and to investors who had previously acquired Deoleo SA stocks.

Of the total of 500,000,004 newly issued Deoleo stocks, a total of 496,404,531 shares have been subscribed, representing 99.28% of the total. The remaining 3,595,473 stocks were allocated on a pro-rata basis during the additional allocation period, representing 0.72% of the total stocks offered in the capital increase period.

Will Deoleo have a promising future?

The president and CEO of Deoleo have affirmed that the company’s future is auspicious, given the commercial strategy that they began to apply in 2020. All carried out in each of their locations, thus reversing the negative trend of the financial years. Previous.

According to the president of Deoleo, during the pandemic period, the CompanyCompany has managed to consolidate the growth of olive oil consumption in homes since people have had to stay longer in them due to the confinement.

Is it advisable to invest in Deoleo shares?

The evolution of Deoleo’s brands has been very positive in all the geographical areas where it has a presence, greatly exceeding the average growth of the market. This has allowed it to increase Deoleo’s market share in almost all key countries in terms of marketing.

In Spain, volumes have increased 21 percent, increasing by 1.7 percentage points. As a result, it opened the gap even more concerning its main competitors, which in the best of cases have grown 0.2 percentage points.

The behavior of the business units in North America and Northern Europe is also outstanding. In the first case, consumption volumes have increased by 74%, and in northern Europe, it has increased by 45%. Furthermore, the Covid effect has positively impacted marketing volumes, given that the consumption of olive oil in homes has increased in almost the entire world.

For all this, Deoleo stocks recommendations that are observed in most of the Deoleo shares forum, including that of the specialized page Deoleo shares pc stock market, is that it is a good time to invest in Deoleo stocks. However, consumer behavior is generally uncertain.

Deoleo shares Vs. other shares

Do many people wonder if it is appropriate to buy Deoleo stocks? And many experts answer that they make comparisons with

The historical behavior of the value of the other stocks listed on the same stock exchange. However, at this time comparison can be made against its current value.

For example, Deoleo stocksas of today are worth 0.38, with a sustained upward trend. However, if we compare it with the Telefónica shares with a value of 4.13, it is observed that Deoleo is well below this share, but that of Telefónica has a downward trend.

Stocks of artificial stocks are valued at 0.12 and trending downward. It is below Deoleo shares by 0.26 points. The exciting thing is that while Deoleo’s is up, Airtificial’s is down. The Mediaset shares have a value of 2.97 with an upward trend; they are above the Deoleo shares.

Indra shares and prosegur cash shares are trending upward. Their values ​​are at 7.16 and 0.78, respectively. Both are above the value of Deoleo’s stocks. On the other hand, the day stocks, Repsol stocks, and Pharmamar shares all have a downward trend. Their values ​​are in the order of 0.079, 11.02, and 77.48, respectively.

However, those of Repsol and Pharmamar are well above Deoleo because the former is associated with the energy industry and the latter with the pharmaceutical industry, positively affected by the pandemic.