Hugo Boss Stocks

You can locate the value of Hugo Boss shares on the ETR index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. You can then follow the development of the action.

Hugo Boss AG is a manufacturer and distributor of women’s and men’s clothing for the entire global fashion market-based in Germany. Its wide variety of products ranges from dresses, sportswear and evening wear. As well as shoes, licensed fragrances, leather accessories, watches, eyewear, home textiles, and children’s clothing.

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Likewise, its portfolio of brands includes BOSS Orange, BOSS, HUGO BOSS, and BOSS Green, including casual, business wear, watches, urban wear, and the aforementioned garments. Currently, the main countries where its products are sold the most are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

These four countries that have competed in different historical contexts today have been the main allies of this German firm.

How to buy Hugo Boss stocks?

When an investor decides on Hugo Boss Google stocks, he is acquiring the securities of one of the world’s leading luxury fashion companies. It is a company that has a great presence in the global market. Moreover, this company will soon exist for 100 years, managing to locate itself in a complex fashion sector over time.

Before buying Hugo Boss shares or any other action, the investor must review the company’s results historically obtained in the market.

In 2019, the Hugo Boss brand obtained profits that reached 205 million euros. However, when compared to the year 2018, it was 13% lower. Although the turnover in 2019 had an increase of 10%. This 10% represents 84 million euros.

By geographical area, in Europe, business volume increased by 3.8%. Asia and the Pacific also had an increase of 7%, while in America, the volume of business fell by 2%. However, the company maintains a strategy of delivering strong dividends.

They proposed 2.75 euros of dividends per stock, although it was not very high compared to 2018, 2.70 euros per stock. By 2020, the company considered that the year was one of total growth, but it was truncated by the devastating effect of the Coronavirus pandemic.

By April, the company was renouncing the forecasts established for the year 20Furthermore, it. It canceled the payment of dividends for the Hugo Boss Google stocks without an official date of distribution or any recovery plan.

To buy Hugo Boss stocks, the best way to do it is through a stockbroker. You only have to enter the broker’s website of your choice and register, each of them has its own registration method. Once the registration is done, select the option to buy Hugo Boss Google stocks, and you will automatically have the stocks in your account.

How Has the Evolution of Hugo Boss Stocks been?

Performing an analysis of the evolution of Hugo Boss stocks in the last 20 years, contradictory behavior is evident. With two bullish periods that are very evident and with two periods of decline inclusive, before the coronavirus that is also very accentuated.

At the beginning of the 21st century, it is evident that Hugo Boss stocks had an upward trend, placing the value of the stock in the order of 11.40 euros. It reached its peak in May 2001 when the value of Hugo Boss Google stocks reached 31 euros per share.

After that period, a readjustment of the value began, which originated a period with a downward trend, until in 2002 it reached a minimum of 9.50 euros per stock. Then, in the summer of 2002, the first major bullish period began, which although it was not a very pronounced growth, reached 2007 with a value of 50.04 euros.

That same year, in the last four months, the first significant crash occurred until February 2009, which placed the share value at 9.88 euros. At that point, a bullish period begins again that was very pronounced, with peaks of readjustments in relatively short spaces.

The peak that presented its maximum expression occurred in 2015 when the value of Hugo Boss stocks reached 120 euros per stocks. Then, in the last third of that same year, the value of the stocks suffered a new collapse, this time very pronounced, reaching the value of 50 euros. But for the summer of 2018, it grows again, reaching the value of 77.65 euros per stock.

For the year 2019, the shares maintained a downward behavior with the title reaching 37.58 euros, and for the year 2020, they presented a better outlook, despite the coronavirus reaching 45 euros. Today

Today, for July 2021, Hugo Boss Google shares have a value of 48.99 euros with an upward trend.

Is Hugo Boss Stock Worth Investing In?

Despite the devastating consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly in Europe, the luxury fashion industry got off to a strong and promising start to 2021. All of that gives enough confidence for the remainder of the year. Increased sales are expected for a remarkable recovery in 2021.

The company assures that sales in Asia and the Pacific increased to 101 million euros, significantly impacting the value of Hugo Boss stocks. This represents a 39% increase over the previous year.

Considering the results obtained during the first half of the year 2021, it can be said that at this time, it is worth investing in the Hugo Boss Google stocks since their business recovery is observed.