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Versarien Share Price

Versarien made significant progress in expanding its product portfolio and increasing its presence in international markets. The company announced several key partnerships and collaborations with companies across various industries, including a joint development agreement with an automotive parts supplier in Japan and a strategic partnership with a leading aerospace and defence company in the UK.

In addition, Versarien continued to progress in commercialising its graphene products, announcing several new product launches and partnerships related to graphene-enhanced plastics, coatings, and other applications. The company also expanded its thermal interface materials business, acquiring a US-based supplier of thermal management solutions.


Versarien Share Price

Versarien PLC is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, listed under the ticker symbol VRS. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, its market capitalization was around £300 million. As of this post, Versarien Share Price is at 2.49 GBX.

Versarien PLC is a materials engineering company that focuses on developing advanced materials, such as graphene, which have a wide range of potential applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics. The company’s products include graphene powder, graphene-enhanced plastics, and various graphene-based coatings.

Brief Background of Versarien Share Price

Versarien PLC is a UK-based materials engineering company that was founded in 2010 by Neill Ricketts, the company’s current CEO. The company is headquartered in Cheltenham, UK, and has additional UK, Europe, and Asia facilities.

The company’s initial focus was developing and commercialising graphene, a two-dimensional material with unique properties that make it potentially valuable for various applications, from electronics to energy storage. In 2011, Versarien acquired 2-DTech, a graphene research and development company based in Manchester, UK, which helped to bolster its expertise in the field.

In the following years, Versarien continued to expand its product offerings and research capabilities, establishing partnerships with companies in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics. The company also expanded its presence internationally, opening offices and facilities in China, Singapore, and the United States.

In recent years, Versarien has diversified its product portfolio to include various other advanced materials, including nanomaterials, thermal interface materials, and composites. The company has also continued to develop its graphene offerings, launching new products such as graphene-enhanced plastics and coatings.

Today, Versarien is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, with a market capitalisation of around £300 million as of September 2021. The company remains focused on developing and commercialising advanced materials for various industries. It is well-positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for high-performance materials in the global economy.

Advantages of Investing in Versarien Share Price

Growth potential: Versarien Share Price operates in the rapidly growing market for advanced materials in high demand across various industries. The company’s products, such as graphene-enhanced plastics and coatings, have the potential to provide significant benefits over traditional materials, including improved strength, durability, and conductivity.

Experienced management team: The company is led by CEO Neill Ricketts, who has extensive experience in the technology and engineering sectors. The management team also includes experienced professionals with materials science, engineering, and finance backgrounds focused on driving growth and creating value for shareholders.

Strong partnerships: VRS Share Price has established partnerships with several leading companies across various industries, which could help facilitate the adoption of its products and drive growth.

Diversified product portfolio: In addition to its graphene offerings, Versarien has a range of other advanced materials in its portfolio, which could help to mitigate risks associated with market fluctuations and provide additional revenue streams.

Main Competitors of VRS Share Price

Versarien operates in the advanced materials industry, a highly competitive market with various players across various segments. Some of the main competitors of Versarien include:

  1. Haydale Graphene Industries – A UK-based company that develops and supplies graphene and other nanomaterials for various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and energy.
  2. First Graphene Limited – An Australian company that produces high-quality graphene materials for composites, coatings, and other applications.
  3. Nanotech Energy – A US-based company that develops and commercialises graphene-based energy storage solutions, including batteries and supercapacitors.
  4. XG Sciences – A US-based company that produces high-quality graphene materials for composites, coatings, and energy storage applications.
  5. Applied Graphene Materials – A UK-based company that develops and supplies graphene and other advanced materials for various industries, including coatings, composites, and lubricants.

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Versarien’s financial performance remained mixed. In its most recent financial results, covering the year ending March 31, 2021, the company reported a 17% increase in revenue compared to the previous year, driven by growth in its thermal management and graphene businesses. However, the company also reported a pre-tax loss of £4.5 million for the year, compared to a profit of £2.2 million in the previous year.

Overall, Versarien is progressing in expanding its product portfolio and commercialising its advanced materials offerings.


FAQ: Versarien Share Price

What is the historic performance of Versarien PLC stock?

Versarien PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has been publicly traded since June 2013. Since its listing, the stock has experienced significant volatility, with periods of both solid gains and steep losses.

Between its listing in June 2013 and September 2021, Versarien's stock price reached a high of 173.5 pence per share in January 2018, followed by a steep decline to a low of 7.05 pence per share in April 2020. The stock price rebounded to around 40 pence per share in September 2021.

Does Versarien PLC pay dividends to its shareholders?

Versarien PLC has not paid any dividends to its shareholders since its listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2013. Instead, the company has focused on reinvesting its profits into the business to fund its growth and expansion plans.

Who are the target investors of Versarien PLC?

Versarien PLC primarily focuses on attracting institutional investors, such as pension funds, investment banks, and hedge funds. These investors tend to have large amounts of capital to invest and often have a long-term investment horizon, making them well-suited to support Versarien's growth plans and strategic initiatives.

In addition to institutional investors, Versarien may attract retail investors, such as individual investors who trade stocks on their behalf. Retail investors may be attracted to Versarien's growth potential and innovative products, particularly those interested in investing in advanced materials, graphene, and related technologies.

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