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Wizz Air Share Price

Wizz Air has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, severely impacting the aviation industry. In response to reduced demand for air travel, the company reduced its flight schedules and implemented cost-cutting measures to conserve cash.

Wizz Air Share Price

Wizz Air Holdings PLC is a publicly traded company listed on the London Stock Exchange under the WIZZ ticker. As of September 2021, the company had a market capitalisation of over £3 billion. As of this post, Wizz Air Share Price is at 2,981.89 GBx.

Wizz Air Share Price

Wizz Air Share Price is a low-cost airline that operates primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. However, it has expanded its network to include Western Europe, the Middle East, and Asia destinations. Its business model focuses on offering low fares and charging additional fees for things like checked baggage, seat selection, and priority boarding.

Brief Background of Wizz Air Share Price

Wizz Air Holdings PLC is a relatively young company founded in September 2003 by a group of Hungarian entrepreneurs, including József Váradi’s current CEO. The company launched its first flight in May 2004, flying from Katowice, Poland, to London Luton Airport.

Initially focused on serving the Central and Eastern European market, Wizz Air rapidly expanded its route network and fleet size. In 2006, the company opened its first base in Katowice, followed by bases in Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine. By 2015, Wizz Air had become the largest low-cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe, operating a fleet of 54 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft and serving over 100 destinations.

In 2015, Wizz Air completed its initial public offering (IPO), listing on the London Stock Exchange. The IPO raised £601 million, making it Europe’s most significant aviation IPO.

Since then, Wizz Air has continued to expand its network and fleet, launching new bases in countries such as Austria and Georgia and adding long-haul flights to destinations such as Dubai and Tel Aviv. The company has also been recognised for its sustainability efforts, with initiatives such as its fleet renewal program to reduce emissions and noise pollution.

Advantages of Investing in Wizz Air Share Price

Growing Market: Wizz Air operates in the fast-growing Central and Eastern European airline market, which is expected to continue growing as the region’s economies develop and demand for air travel increases.

Low-Cost Business Model: Wizz Air’s low-cost business model has successfully attracted price-sensitive passengers and generated revenue from ancillary services such as baggage fees and seat selection.

Strong Financial Performance: Wizz Air Share Price has demonstrated strong financial performance, with a track record of profitable growth and a healthy balance sheet.

Expansion Plans: Wizz Air has ambitious plans to triple its size over the next decade by adding new routes and bases.

Experienced Management Team: Wizz Air’s management team has significant experience in the aviation industry and a track record of successfully growing the company.

Main Competitors of Wizz Air Share Price

Wizz Air Share Price faces competition from several airlines, particularly in the low-cost carrier segment of the aviation market. Some of the main competitors of Wizz Air include:

  1. Ryanair Holdings plc: Ryanair is the largest low-cost airline in Europe and has a similar business model to Wizz Air, offering low fares and charging additional fees for ancillary services.
  2. easyJet plc: easyJet is another primary low-cost carrier in Europe, operating primarily in Western Europe.
  3. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA: Norwegian Air is a low-cost airline that operates in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.
  4. Pegasus Airlines: Pegasus Airlines is a low-cost airline based in Turkey, operating flights throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
  5. Vueling Airlines SA: Vueling is a low-cost airline based in Spain, operating flights to destinations throughout Europe and North Africa.

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Despite the challenges due to the pandemic, Wizz Air has demonstrated resilience and has been taking steps to position itself for a recovery in demand. The company had announced plans to expand its operations in Italy, establishing a new base in Naples and adding new routes from Rome and Milan. Wizz Air has also taken steps to reduce its environmental impact by introducing more fuel-efficient aircraft and implementing sustainable practices.


FAQ: Wizz Air Share Price

What is the historical performance of Wizz Air Holdings PLC stock?

Wizz Air Holdings PLC completed its initial public offering (IPO) on the London Stock Exchange in February 2015, with an offer price of £11.50 per share. The stock price has fluctuated over the years since the IPO, influenced by a range of factors such as macroeconomic conditions, competition, and regulatory changes.

Overall, the historical performance of Wizz Air's stock has been positive, with the company demonstrating steady growth in both revenue and profit. For example, in the fiscal year ending March 2020, Wizz Air reported a revenue increase of 19.6% compared to the previous year, along with a net profit of €281.1 million.

Does Wizz Air Holdings PLC pay dividends to its stockholders?

Wizz Air Holdings PLC pays dividends to its shareholders. The company has a dividend policy of distributing 40% of its net profit after tax as dividends, subject to available cash and financial performance.

Since its IPO in 2015, Wizz Air has consistently paid dividends to its shareholders, with the dividend per share increasing yearly in most cases. For example, in the fiscal year ending March 2020, Wizz Air paid a dividend of €1.20 per share, an increase of 20% compared to the previous year.

Who are the target investors of Wizz Air Holdings PLC?

Wizz Air Holdings PLC's target investors can include a broad range of individuals and institutional investors. The company is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and is included in the FTSE 250 Index, making its shares accessible to a wide range of investors.

In particular, Wizz Air may be attractive to investors interested in the aviation industry and the growth potential of the low-cost carrier market. Additionally, investors looking for exposure to emerging markets, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, may find Wizz Air appealing, given the company's focus on this region.

Investors interested in companies that have demonstrated resilience in the face of challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, may also find Wizz Air's performance in recent years appealing.

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